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Benefits of partnering with a Human Resource Company

Companies who manage projects for plants are looking for contractors who operate safely as indicated in their Workers Compensation Policy Experience Modifier Rating (EMR).

Here’s a few Benefits of partnering with a Human Resource Company: Call or PM if you want to schedule a time to visit!

• Meeting bid requirements
• Reducing overhead cost making your proposal more attractive
• Use of our Experience Modifier Rating (EMR) for propose of your Workers Compensation certificate
• Workers Compensation claims go against our account
• Under our FIEN we are responsible for IRS required forms and liable for paying the employments taxes and any fines or penalties incurred
• All interactions and Unemployment claims with TWC are handled by us and successful claims go against our TWC account
• Employee IRS W2 are our responsibility as well follow up with any coming back for lack of correct address
• Regulatory compliance and statutory protection
• Maintain & attract employees with offering fortune 500 employee benefits

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