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What We Do:

How do we make your business better?

By offering comprehensive human resources including payroll administration, worker’s compensation, human resource management, risk management, benefits administration and compliance resources for small to mid-sized businesses.  

Services We Offer:

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What do we handle when a client does business with us?

  • Payroll tax liabilities
  • Liable for filing and paying the employment taxes, IRS Form 940, 941
  • Liable for ensuring all employees are issued and receive IRS Form W-2 as well as follow up with any coming back for lack of correct address
  • Liable for Unemployment claims and all interactions with Texas Workforce Commission. Any unsuccessful claims go against the Human Resource Firms TWC account
  • Resolve any legal issues with employees, sexual harassment complaints, lawsuits, or other human resource issues at your direction

At your request, we can
also provide the following:

  • Employee Handbook or go over your existing handbook to bring it to compliance with current regulations and Human Resource Best Practices
  • Workers Compensation Insurance of $1,000,000.00/emp under the Human Resources firms account; includes the annual audit responsibility as well.
  • All full-time employees can participate in group health plans if you offer it as a benefit and all have access to employee paid vision, dental, disability, and life insurance

All the above duties become the legal responsibilities of the Human Resource firm; Relieving your management team of the administration burdens.  Providing management, the opportunity to focus on employee goodwill, client and growing revenue.

The firms we represent are local to SETX with No long-term contract; Service Agreement
is for one (1) year, with a 30 day out, no cancellation fee.

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